Postcards and Pictures from Wes
Got some pictures from Wes today.  Thought you'd like to see them.
The card to our mother in 1908 was not very readable. My perception is: "We have all learned how to sing. Uncle C was over to eat some..."
the 'franking postal imprints showed 1908' on both images.  It was addressed to Miss Blanche Rutter, Oxford, Kansas.
Earlier Picture of Uncle Gerald
Uncle Gerald
G'pa Allen's Business Card
When examining a package given me by Wes Ringius that included an old newspaper this clipping dropped out of the envelope.  On a lark it was scanned in the Optical Character mode in three flavors.  The article was so aged, frail, discolored the different methods were to see which one might be most fruitful.  Well, the last one was the best.  The article follows.

Dad, Roland, Uncle Roland, Grand Dad


Printed in the UDALL NEWS, Udall, Kansas
Saturday June 25, 1904

Mrs. Sam Bowman gave Miss Blanche Rutter a birthday party at her pleasant home six miles southwest of Udall last Saturday March 18th.
Knowing that the young-ladies 16th birthday fell on that date she arranged a surprise party for her. Invitations were sent out to all of Miss Blanches' friends for miles around.
And when she came over in response to a request to dine with the family, she was fairly bewildered by the size of the jolly crowd that was awaiting her arrival.
Mrs. Bert Thompson and her sister Miss Grace McKown furnished music for the occasion and the time was pleasantly spent parlor games and dancing.
One of the features of the evening was the excellent luncheon served by the obliging hostess.
Miss Blanche is a very popular young lady as was shown by the large number of friends |who turned out to do honor to her on this occasion
To day in the mail I received some material that Wes R. thought I'd be interested in.  You bet!
It contained a picture of my Grandfather, Henry Clay Rutter that I had never seen.  If course the picture was taken years before -- don't ask me when!
Picture of Emily and Grandma (Blanche) probably circa 1946