Las Vegas Stop
We enjoy watching the Pawn Stars show.  We had intended to drop their Pawn Shop during our last trip but couldn't squeeze it in.  We were not surprised to see a BIG line waiting to get in.  They had to control the crowds as to not overload the store.

We decided to get into line, and were told that they would be closing the shop in 15 minutes for a taping.  We just made it in.

The "stars" were in the back offices, but Chumley flashed out for a second. 

We were surprised that the store itself was so small.  It was nice that it wasn't packed with people.   

Janice was looking at a diamond bracelet when they wanted to clear the store.  Since we were in the process of "looking" they let us stay.  The store didn't look much larger when empty.

The bracelet was a little short, so we had them let us go out a back door (and saw the small area where they look at some vehicles.

She decided that it was too much and so we didn't end up getting the bracelet.  (note: $1000 but they would take $750.

The store was right next to the Graceland Wedding Chapel where Bon Jovi got married.
My tooth had been bothering me, so after this visit we stopped at a Las Vegas Dentist and I got my second root canal in a week.  I was glad to get it done.  The Ipad saved us again.  After that, we stopped at a neighborhood casino and dropped the obligatory $60 into the penny slots.  Had a lot of fun for our money.