Florida Keys
The drive on the Overseas Highway was impressive.  You can see the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico at the same time..
You can see the remains of the original Overseas Railway which was built in 1912 and destroyed in a hurrican in 1935.
We stayed at a KOA on Sugarloaf Key for a couple of days.  We like to relax after 6 days on the road (and need to do laundry).  They had a beach, pool, and everything else.
Janice and I took a bike ride.  We went down a gravel road to a dead end at a removed bridge.
We took a drive to Key West, but we were unimpressed.  It looked like a typical tourist place.  There was no parking, it was hot, so we just dropped by a Winn Dixie, bought some steak, potatoes, and a key lime pie and headed back to the cmpfort of our campsite for a relaxing evening.