Alaska Adventure - Day 4, Picnic at Pioneer Park
The next event was a reunion picnic held at Pioneer Park in Fairbanks.  We had visited this before when it was called AlaskaLand.  Janice and Jeanette had a great time talking to old friends.
I spent time wandering around the park taking pictures.  Below is a Beech B19 which was donated by Air North.  Eric's father started Air North and Eric had actually ridden in that took him to a hospital after a car accident (another long story).
There was a large mining display.  Below is a steam shovel which was used first to help dig the Panama Canal and was later bought by a mining company.
They also had an old river steam boat, a lot of old buildings which had been moved to the site, and a lot of other mining stuff.  I put those pictures in this slide show.  After the Picnic, we walked around downtown Fairbanks.  It was stinking hot, funny, you have to go to Alaska to get this.
We walked along the Chena River and folks were floating down.  We were on the bridge so we talked to them and it was a wedding party having an outing.  The bride wore a veil.
We stopped in at the Co-Op Diner which had an old fashioned soda fountain and had some ice cream.  Eric too that opportunity to show us how to "beat the heat" which I had to document in this movie.