Alaska Adventure - Day 2, Palin Search
Well, started out "helping" Eric with all of his projects.  First of all, he had to do some braising for his Golf Ball Retrieval System (based on a gold dredge).
Then I helped him work on his seems to have a bad solenoid.

Then, whilst running some errands, we had to stop and get a picture of a moose dining in Wasilla Creek next to their home.
Then it was off to Lake Louise to find out where Sara Palin lived.  The lake is beautiful.
We drove around quite abit (after some aggressive Googling).  But we finally found it and got a shot from across the lake.  It is the red house with lots of big windows.
We lucked out, Sara had left her bus tour early as she got called on Jury Duty.  We know this as whilst visiting one of Eric's friends, we found that his wife was in the same pool.  So, we ended up getting a picture of us and Sara.
Finally, Janice wanted to see a moose in the back yard, so Eric gratiously executed his moose call.