Feb 2011 - Trip to Sequim
This trip was the result of an almost "perfect storm".  Janice and I had wanted to go see my Uncle Wes (who lives in Port Angelese), our friends Jim and Karen Humphrey (who live in Sequim), and we had vacation points which were going to expire.  We found a 2 bedroom condo at Discovery Bay and got it for a couple of days.  Since we had two bedrooms, we invited Ron and Terri Pehrson along.  Terri had always wanted to go to the game farm and so that was put on the agenda.

We went to the Game farm on the way to the condo.   We had a great time dispite the stinking sea gulls.  Here is a short film clip of the trip.
We checked into the condo and it was really quite nice.  The weather was great as you can see from the view from our balcony.

We then went to see my Uncle Wes in Port Angeles.
We had a great time.    It was snowing up there and we were a little worried, but had no trouble getting to his house.  He lives out of town and even had a deer come to visit.
Uncle Wes is a bird watcher.  Terri spent quite a bit of time looking at birds and asking questions.  Uncle Wes also handcarves and paints birds.  Here is a short slide show showing some of them.
We also had a great visit with Jim and Karen, dinner at their house and they took us to dinner at a GREAT French Restaurant.  However, I had so much fun I took no pictures.