Williamsburg Visit
Williamsburg has changed quite a bit since we were there 20 years ago.  They have added several new reconstructed buildings.  They have also added "interactive happenings".  They had short dramatic events several times a day plus added some "entertainment" in some of the building tours.  General slide show can be seen at this link.
Again, the weather was great!  About 60 degrees and blue skies, the fall colors were out as well.
We went to the courthouse first.  Janice and Larry got to be trial judges for a mock trial.  To see a movie of one of the cases, click here.
We visited the Randolf Coffee house.  It was a great visit, not only did we get hot chocolate...but they put on a little re-enactment.  Picture below, but there is a movie of part of it here.
We also visited the Rockefeller House.  He had financed the reconstruction of Williamsburg and his house was restored to the original condition to reflect how he lived there.  A slide show can be seen here.
One of the house tours included a recital by some musicians.  They explained how entertainment was mostly in the home and demonstrated some.  The fiddler solo can be seen here.
We also visited the blacksmith shop.  They were happy that it was so cool.  A little movie of it is here.
It was Veterans Day during our visit and they had a special program where all of the visiting Veterans were led down main street with a fife and drum corps.   Movie here.