May 2010 - Trip to Las Vegas
Janice and I received a "free" trip to Las Vegas and so we got home from our RV trip and turned right around and headed to Las Vegas (via airplane).  Larry and Julie Williams received a similar deal so we coordinated our trip.
Las Vegas had changed quite a bit since we had been there last.  Not as many good food deals, a LOT more 1 cent slot machines, and LOTS of agressive vendors.  But the weather was good. Here is a picture of Janice and I in front of the Bellagio fountain.  Also, one of our friends.
The Bellagio Fountain is impressive.  We happened to stop by when it started and I captured this movie.
We didn't do a lot of gambling but this was indicative of our success.
But, we did have a good time wandering around and looking at the casinos.  I've attached a gallery of pictures of some of the places we visited.