April Trip 2010 - April 28
There were high wind warnings communicated last night so we got up early and took off.   We were hoping to make great progress, but got "grabbed" a few times.  We went over this bridge, looked over, and had to turn aruond and come back.  It was the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge and I had to go back and take pictures.  Very impressive.
We saddled up and started out again.  Just a few miles down the road, we passed some VERY interesting houses.  Again, we had to turn around and go back.   These houses were associated with the Earthship organizations who are trying to build sustainable houses.  We stopped at the "visitor center" and then took some pictures from the road.
Again, we thought we had hit the altitude record...but it was busted again.  We hit 10,556 feet at milepost 198 on NM 64 heading west.  Just as we crested the top, two bicylists came the other way whooping because they had made it.   Here is a picture of the RV near the top.
The view from the top going down was great!
We finally hit the sandstorm in Bloomfield, NM and it was "interesting".  It was not nearly as bad as it was in other areas...but got progressively worse.  We did make it to the Monument Valley Campground (Gouldings Trading Post).  However, the following picture shows the extent of the sandstorm.
The campground was nice (but the WiFi was slow).  The power kept going in and out due to the wind.  Here is a short clip of the wind storm from the RV.